Our Mission:


The Neighbourhood Challenge Scotland believe that the environment that we live in can be a main contributor to mental health and well being, and aim to raise awareness on ‘stigma and discrimination’ surrounding issues in society.

The Neighbourhood Challenge Renfrewshire

Our Vision

Our vision is to unlock the potential in our community through the use of creative arts and spoken word.

We share a passion to empower people and neighbourhoods and improve our communities.

We believe in community values and that, by re-instating those values, we can generate a positive change in people’s attitudes. We seek to tackle street, domestic and gender based violence, and to promote awareness of the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health and addiction.



Who are we?

We are local people, living and working in Renfrewshire, and have come together with a common aim: to address the problems in our community. We can offer a range of talents – our team includes musicians, artists, writers, actors, a life coach and a fitness instructor. We believe that we can use those skills to create positive change.

We work in conjunction with various community interest companies and charities to help enhance the local environment by providing practical help on a voluntary basis. 

Our projects so far have included street cleaning, gardening and maintenance of run-down properties. We have also successfully hosted various spoken word and musical events including producing a play.


2nd August

"A greener Renfrewshire, Community care, health and wellbeing"

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The Heart of the Arts - Grassroot level

  • We want to create change.
  • We aim to empower people and neighbourhoods and improve our communities. 
  • We want to inspire and support local people to do something in their local neighbourhood
  • How many of us actually know our neighbours or chap their door to make sure they're ok if we haven't seen them for a while? 
  • We want create a plan to make it better in whatever way that is for them. 
  • We are looking to find solutions by networking with each other and generating these solutions into Positives for the People of Renfrewshire.
  • The outcome of creating these changes will enable us to have a voice in our Communities; this in turn will enable residents to feel confident and safe in their homes.